Established in 2021, gmDAO is a dynamic community of 900 NFT collectors, artists, and investors. Rooted in respect and engagement, we harness the diverse expertise of our members to drive NFT space growth via innovative strategies, exclusive insights, and internally-generated projects. Join us in shaping the future of NFTs.

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The Token

The gm. token is the key to gain access to our private community, but also acts as a governance token which entitles the holder to vote & propose the direction of the DAO.

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What we offer

We offer three main services: a generative art platform on Ethereum, an art platform featuring AI and generative art on Bitcoin ordinals, and consulting services to help businesses and creators in the Web3 space. We are constantly exploring new offerings to expand our community and provide innovative solutions.

gmstudio collections

The generative art platform by artists, for artists.

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The generative & AI art platform built on Bitcoin.

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gmscribe collections

Drive growth for businesses and creators in Web3

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