The story
so far


"How does one start a movement? First you need a concept or belief that people can rally behind. Then you need a means for those people to interact & share ideas, and finally you need to reward those that support the cause in order to entice new members & grow the community.


We greet each other politely every morning, we say it back to one and other. This is not a new concept, but is is one that has been lost in the realms of social media.

The NFT community looked to change that, and Twitter is a better place for it."

Our core



Our primary goal is to foster & encourage the development of the NFT space, whether through our own organic marketing, seed funding from our treasury or development from within the DAO itself.

We also seek to provide an edge to our members though information not freely available to the market.


Our community

Be Respectful

We respect each other as individuals & refrain from any form of targeted harassment. The DAO is an egalitarian community where each idea should be allowed to be expressed openly & freely so long as it respects the previous statement.

Be compassionate

Help those around you. If the crypto space can be considered PvP (player vs player), then gmDAO should be seen as a guild. We support each other in times of need, we strive to put others before ourselves.

Be involved

While by no means mandatory, ultimately our DAO's success is dependent on the contribution of each members. We therefore encourage everyone to participate in anyway possible; discussions, governance, project management etc. If you have something to contribute, raise your hand and get involved.